7 Seater Car Hire Faro Airport

Find a cheap 7 seater car hire Faro Airport deal today. We compare low cost car rental Faro rates from the finest suppliers.

Hiring a car online always throws up plenty of questions from potential customers. Faro Airport is the gateway for many to the Algarve region in Portugal and is hugely popular so let’s start by taking a look at car hire Faro Airport and the various options available.

How do I find the best 7 seater car hire Faro Airport deal?

Use a cost comparison website. Once you have settled on a time and place, you can start your search. These sites work by offering you deals from all the rental firms operating in the area you wish to visit.

Sometimes you will see broker names displayed rather than the actual car hire company name. For instance “rentalcars” instead of say Hertz or Avis.

Currently at Faro Airport you will find the following companies operating desks:

  • Hertz
  • Sixt
  • Europcar
  • Auto Jardim
  • Auriga Crown
  • Goldcar
  • Guerin

The rates from the majority if not all of these suppliers are run through broker websites and then offered to consumers alongside each other. You can then get a clear picture of which company is offering the best value for money. You don’t have to go visiting every website separately.

As you continue through the reservation process, you will be given instructions on the exact pickup point, company and where the desk is located.

Can I add extra options such as a baby seat or extra driver?

Yes, this is best done during the initial booking process as it can sometimes be more expensive to do upon your arrival. The beautiful beach roads of the Algarve are definitely a driving experience that should be shared

What documents do I need to pickup my 7 seater car hire at Faro Airport?

You will need ID (Passport), your driving license of course plus a printout of your confirmation (or perhaps you can show this on your phone). You must also provide a credit card with the drivers name.

Do I leave the car back to the same place I picked it up?

Normally yes but you do have the option of choosing a different location. This is however likely to add to the overall cost.

Can I keep my 7 seater car rental longer if needed?

This will need to be arranged with whichever company you picked up the car from. In most cases it should be possible.

Should I book excess insurance?

Yes, It is priced very reasonably and offers peace of mind. Make sure you arrange it when booking your car hire as it can be more expensive if you try buy it at the desk.

What time of year is cheapest to book in Faro?

It’s actually pretty good value all year round but of course the off season is a little cheaper. 7 Seater car rental is such an obvious choice for most tourists in the Algarve which means plenty of companies are looking to capitalise. Competition is great in this case as it keeps prices low.

I have a big family/group traveling with me. How big are the cars?

9 seater is generally as big as it gets. There are also plenty of 7 seaters available as well as people carriers.

I can only drive an automatic. Are they available?

Yes but you certainly need to reserve it in advance. There would be no guarantees if you waited until the day you arrive to make arrangements.

Where can I read 7 seater car rental Faro car rental reviews?

A simple google search is probably the easiest option. Forums like tripadvisor are always worth a read. Keep in mind that people who have had good experiences are far less likely to write reviews. If you read a bad review of a company, it doesn’t mean that you should write them off completely.

What happens if I am involved in an accident?

Firstly, you must phone the police (112). You should then call your car hire company who will advise you on how to proceed. Breakdown assistance may be required.

What about fuel costs? full/empty tank?

This depends entirely upon which firm you use. Some will require you to return the car with a full tank. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully as this can be a major bugbear for renters at times.

Condition of Faro Airport Rentacar?

It is vitally important that you fully check the car for any damage before you drive away. Anything you find you should tell the agent and take a quick photo with your phone. Make sure that a member of staff has taken note of the damage.

What about extra charges for young drivers?

This is again company dependent and another reason to compare quotes. An extra charge for drivers under 25 is quite common. You must be at least 21.

My flight arrives late into Faro, can I still collect my car?

You will need to make arrangements with the company you are hiring from as they do have set closing times. They may be able to accommodate you outside regular working hours.

What are the speed limits in Portugal?

On the motorway, you may travel as fast as 120kmh. Smaller roads are generally around the 90kmh mark so keep an eye out for signs. Obviously villages and rural areas have lower speed allowances.

Which towns in the Algarve are worth a visit?

Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura, Olhão and Silves are just a few great spots worth venturing to.

Which beaches are the best in the Algrave region?

My personal top 4 would be Praia de Albandeira, Praia do Amoreira, Praia do Anção and Praia do Camilo

How far is Faro Airport from?

Hop in your 7 seater car hire Faro Airport booking and travel to the following towns easily.

Faro – 4km
Albufeira – 45km
Lagos – 90km
Alvor – 75km
Lisbon – 278kmal
Tavira – 40km
Praia da Luz – 95km

What airlines fly from the UK to Faro?

British Airways
Thomas Cook

Aer Lingus and Ryanair offer flights from Ireland

What exit road should I take from Faro airport with my 7 seater?

Toll roads are commonplace in Portugal so for convenience I would suggest taking the A22. The N125 may be a good choice if you have used it before and know what is involved.

You are likely to experience some traffic delays and maybe a little more stress though. The best choice re: payment is to use whats called a “road toll responder”. This should come with a few tolls already paid and will be available from the rental firm.