7 Seater Review – (Citroen C8 and Citroen C4 Picasso)

The Citroen 7 Seater cars make good rentals for families planning their next holiday. Let’s take a closer look at the Citroen C8 7 Seater and Citroen C4 Picasso 7 Seater and see whether they’re the right rentals for you.

Citroen C8:

Although this Citroen vehicle shares many traits with other European vehicles, this vehicle was designed to accommodate families on the road. This 7 seat vehicle boasts a more car like performance than similar models, capable of cruising speeds, and feels rather smooth and swift for a car of its calibre.

The C8’s best asset is its large cabin, which provides a lot of room for all occupants who ride in this vehicle. The rear most seats, however, don’t provide enough boot room, and instead just empty unshielded space that might pose a little of a problem.


Still, there’s plenty of luggage space in this vehicle, as long as you fold up the passenger seats, storing them upright, to make more space. There are also plenty of other storage spaces located under the seats, in the doors and around the dash assembly. The climate control is separated for rear and front passengers, while there’s also sun blinds in place to keep the sunlight out of people’s view. Not only that, the luxurious build of this vehicle makes it so everyone will feel comfortable while travelling long distances.

Although large and tall, this vehicle is comfortable for drivers to handle on the road. It boasts a great performance, especially if driving the 2.2-litre diesel C8, as it feels responsive and stable when in use. And, if you’re concerned about safety, this vehicle has a five-star crash test rating, and includes a variety of safety systems to make this ride feel that much more safe and sound.

Citroen C4 Picasso:

Though a little older, the Citroen is a distinct upgrade from the Xsara Picasso, having had upgraded various quality of life features.

The C4 Picasso offers a lot of space in between the front seats, while the largest amount of leg room in the vehicle cabin resides in the second row. Not only that, there’s plenty of room to adjust the seating into various configurations, so you don’t have to stick with the standard 7 seat layout. There are also plenty of storage bins and cubbys for those families that need additional space—interestingly enough, there’s also a refrigerated cubby for those who want to hold drinks for the long ride.

The comfort factor of this car is high—there’s air conditioning in most models, with the top spec versions featuring dual zone automatic air conditioning and even air quality sensors. The car also produces very little noise and vibration, and is well protected against any sort of exterior winds and noise, including engine noise.


Drivers will like the diesel variants much better than the petrol versions. The diesel variants run better and much more comfortably than their petrol counterparts. All models, however, have responsive steering and a tight turning circle that makes driving relatively smooth.

This car is well suited for families, particularly if they’re looking for a rental vehicle for a long holiday trip. Child seats can be fitted to each seat in the second row, while still providing enough space for everyone else. There’s also an optional flatscreen DVD player in the second row, affording both children and adults some entertainment on the long ride.

Verdict ~ Why You Should Consider Citroen C8 or Citroen C4 Picasso

The Citroen C8 is an excellent choice for those who want a large, tall and safe vehicle for travelling with the family. It has an all around good performance and its five star safety rating only adds to its reputation.

The Citroen C4 Picasso is reserved for those parties who want a ‘higher tech’ vehicle with enough space to house a family. There’s enough room to accommodate a young family, especially if they need to use child seats and the entertainment options only add on to that accommodation.

All in all, both vehicles represent good choices in rental vehicles for families.

7 Seater Review – Seat Alhambra

Seat’s second-generation Alhambra was a welcome addition to the full-sized MPV market, and it still represents a good addition to those who want to go on holiday with the family. If you’re searching for a good rental, of course.


The body of this Alhambra vehicle is large and cavernous; the interior itself boasts a practicality that will please families looking for a suitable holiday vehicle. The seats can be folded and arranged in many configurations, which helps those who need to adjust the space to better suit their families and their luggage. It’s also pretty easy to move and adjust the seats around, so you don’t have to worry about exerting too much energy adjusting everything.


Unlike comparable vehicles, this seven-seater can comfortably accommodate adults in the third row of seats. There are also additional cabin storage options to easily store luggage and other necessities while on the road.

The overall ride quality makes this a great vehicle for travelling families; it travels well over a good variety of surfaces. The seats are also supportive and keep occupants steadied over bumpier roads. This Alhambra vehicle also isolates sound well, keeping most disturbing sounds away from the cabin.

Drivers will like the performance of the 2.0-litre diesel engine better than other versions. It’s a great performing vehicle, with comfortable handling and a satisfying performance all around.

As a family car, it makes a great rental. You have the ability to adjust the seats in any configuration you need and the practical interior is great for those who worry about not having enough space to accommodate the family on a road holiday. Besides that, it makes a good everyday car for that purpose, too—keep that in mind if you’re looking for a rental for a long term holiday.


Third row of seats provide a good amount of space
2.0-litre diesel versions make great all around rides
Sliding rear doors provide convenience


Load space sacrificed for third row of seats
Sliding door mechanism impedes cabin space
Lacks ‘style’ for discerning buyers

Verdict ~ Why You Should Consider Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI For Rental

There are plenty of rental cars on the market, but none as practical and spacious as the bevy of seven seaters out there today. The Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI 7 Seater makes an excellent choice in rental for its great performance, large space and overall comfort factors for families on a road holiday.

7 Seater Review – Ford Galaxy (MPV)

If you’re planning to take your family on holiday, you don’t have to take your own vehicle. No—instead, there’s something else you can do.

Get a rental car. And, not only a rental car, but one large enough to bus around up to seven people at once. Yes, gone are the days of packing everyone into a smaller seated car for a long holiday road trip across the country.

The Ford Galaxy MPV is one of many Ford Galaxy 7 Seater vehicles that make holiday road trips a possibility. Let’s learn why you may want to rent the Ford MPV for your next holiday.

Ford Galaxy MPV ~ Fast Facts

  • Impressive legroom and head room – 7 seats house adults and children (including baby seating)
  • Excellent, smooth performance on the road, whether Entry level 1.6-litre Ecoboost petrol engine or stronger turbocharged 2.0 litre engine.
  • Ride is smooth, thanks to the vehicle’s ‘smart steering,’ in addition to enough grip and body control to make drives a pleasure.
  • Safety and stability features are top: Galaxy model is equipped with airbags for every seat, in addition to features that keep families safe and comfortable on the road.



Let’s start with the space and practicality of this vehicle. The Ford Galaxy MPV is well rated for its impressive legroom and headroom, which allows five people to sit comfortably in the vehicle. The seating arrangement is also large enough to accommodate child seats in the middle row and still allow adults and older children to settle in the rear rows. And, if you’re using all seven seats, there’s still enough room for bags.

Those who might be concerned about the Ford Galaxy MPV’s performance shouldn’t feel as if their concerns are unfounded.

This vehicle is available in different models, one featuring a 1.6-litre Ecoboost petrol engine, while the other a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine. Both engines provide a performance described as ‘quiet and flexible’ and ‘smooth and strong.’ However, if you’re concerned about busing around a full ride of passengers, you may fare better with a vehicle boasting a stronger engine.

If you’re concerned about the safety and security of this vehicle, there’s no need to worry. This vehicle is well equipped with airbags, notably on the front and the sides (front seats), window airbags for all three rows of seats and even an airbag to protect the driver’s knees. Besides that, the Ford Galaxy MPV is a durable vehicle that’s considered ‘solidly built.’



Roomy and versatile cabin
All versions are incredibly well equipped for the road
Considered ‘more fun to drive’ than the competition
Refined and comfortable


Price may be too high to buy or rent – costs as much as £30,000 to buy
Better choices on the market may be cheaper to buy or rent

Verdict ~ Why You Should Consider The Ford Galaxy MPV For Rental

It’s not too difficult to find a good rental car for a family holiday, isn’t it? But, finding a good 7 seater to book for the occasion might present an issue or two.

If you’re searching for a good 7 seater, why not try the Ford Galaxy MPV? It might not be the most inexpensive Ford Galaxy 7 seater, but it well worth the expense if you’re planning on a family trip.

7 Seater Car Reviews: Volkswagen Touran, Sharan and Caddy Maxi Life

Renting a 7 seater vehicle is probably the best choice for those who have a larger family or would prefer taking along a bigger vehicle on a family excursion. There are actually several 7 seaters of the popular Volkswagen make—three of them include the VW Touran 7 Seater, VW Sharan 7 Seater and VW Caddy 7 Seater. In this review, let’s take a closer look at each.

Volkswagen Touran ~ Fast Facts

  • Popular VW 7 seater that’s well suited for families.
  • Robust safety features – includes three point safety belts, ESP, ABS, break assist and air bags for all seats; curtain airbags for front and second row passengers.
  • Firm, comfortable seats, in addition to comforts afforded to the driver’s seat that make prolonged driving more comfortable.
    Up to ’39 storage possibilities’ in this vehicle.



It might not be the most ‘fashionable’ vehicle in terms of style. But, when it comes to hosting a prolonged family holiday trip on the road, style isn’t everything. In fact, this vehicle will provide enough comforts and convenience to suit the entire family. Perhaps that’s why many people opt for the 7 seater model over the 5 seater.

This vehicle is actually rather modestly sized for a 7 seater; the rear seats fold completely flat, affording a smaller group more space without the cumbersome nature of other similar vehicles. In addition to the additional storage provided by the folding seats, the vehicle offers up to 39 storage possibilities within its main cabin. This is convenient for those who need more space to store small odds and ends.

Drivers will feel comfortable knowing the controls and display are simple to control, with conventional positioning and familiarity characteristic of modern Volkswagen vehicles. Performance is good, if not a little deceiving—drivers have commented that this vehicle feels much faster than it actually is, specifically with the iteration featuring a diesel engine. Overall, driving is this car is comfortable enough for drivers regulated to driving the family around on a long holiday.


Folding seats provide more load space for smaller parties
Body is resilient
Feels faster than it actually performs
Volkswagen ‘badge’ ensures a quality vehicle


Expensive in comparison to competitors
Lacking in ‘style’
Second row of seats require a bit of work to adapt

Verdict ~ Why You Should Consider Volkswagen Touran For Rental

It’s not the most stylish car, nor the best in its class, but it’s a sound rental car for those who need a 7 seater for a family holiday. In fact, it’s considered one of the better family cars in its class. You’ll favour how spacious and well performing this car will be during a holiday—and it’s even good enough to use as a regular family car, as well.

But, before we go, let’s take a quick glance at two comparable Volkswagen 7 seaters in its class: the VW Sharan 7 Seater and VW Caddy 7 Seater.

Quick Review: VW Sharan 7 Seater

The upgraded Volkswagen Sharan brings some much needed upgrades to the existing Sharan. The upgrade notably made use of the then next generation Volkswagen engines, which bought a much needed performance boost to this class of vehicle.

The vehicle is longer and wider than older models, and has a profile that looks much less like a van. Besides the 7 seater, there’s also a 6 seater model available; the variants of this vehicle each provide various degrees of versatility and practicality for both seating and luggage.

Speaking of seating and luggage, the interior of the vehicle is very spacious and adaptable. The seats themselves can be folded into various configurations to accommodate everyone coming along for the ride—and, not to mention, their luggage, as well. This 7 seater also comfortably accommodates adults in the back most row, so it’s not just reserved for the younger patrons of the ride. Drivers will rejoice at the additional glovebox in the central dash-top.

The ride is comfortable despite the size of the vehicle. The assembly and arrangement of the controls and components in the front are easy to use, while the contoured seats provide great comfort for the passengers. Oh, and if it gets a little cold, there’s also climate control to warm the carriage.



Makes for a refined and secure driving experience
Features sliding rear doors for convenience
2.0-litre diesel version is a great all around vehicle


Styling may be a little ‘uninspiring’ for a more discerning crowd
Space may be too constricted in full third row
A-pillar positioning reduces front row visibility

Versus the Touran? This vehicle, specifically the 2.0-litre version, will likely provide a comfortable and better performing ride for the price.

Quick Review: Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life

This 7 seater Volkswagen vehicle also doubles as a van—and that’s well reflected in the fact that this vehicle shows off its roots originating from the popular Caddy van. Due to its van-like nature, this vehicle makes a good rental for families planning a long trip for their next holiday.

The Caddy is rather large on the inside, and the space is further extended with its highly adjustable nature. The passenger seats are foldable and the rear most seats can be entirely removed from the cabin. However, the rear seats aren’t entirely easy to remove, but the option is still there for those that do need to remove them.

Folding down the middle row turns the cabin into a van, what with its characteristic and spacious high roof and plenty of room despite the lack of seats. The Caddy is also stable and secure when on the road, affording drivers a good driving experience—this vehicle is very responsible and a lot more nimble than some would expect on the road. The 2.0-litre model, in particular, works increasingly well on the road, providing the vehicle with enough speed and torque to bus around a full load with little issue.

Although a van in origin, the Caddy is a great family vehicle in part to its practicality and its convenience for families. So, if you need to travel a great distance with your family in tow, the Caddy is a considerable vehicle for the drive.



Roomy and practical enough for a family
Economical, yet resilient diesel engine
Meets family needs


Rear seats are a little awkwardly placed
Taller tailgates restricts opening
Removing rear seats is difficult

Versus the Touran? This vehicle, while van-like, is a great option for those who want a more spacious and smoother performing vehicle for a holiday on the road.